Sunday, June 2, 2013

SWSF: Over the Past Four Years

The work that Shindand Women Social Foundation has done over the four years in Shindand has been crucial for the growth of women and young girls in Shindand District. We have also been involved in food distribution with the World Food Program via Samandar Development Program (SDP).

From weaving the gabions for a protective wall to literacy classes from animal husbandry program to computer classes SWSF's has tried to be creative in ensuring women are participating in diverse programs and that our women are trained and made a productive member of Afghan society.

For our girls and women to be educated and teach the next generations of Afghans to be more dynamic and involved in building a better future.

We ask all those who are interested to see a better Afghanistan to support us in this worthwhile path.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

SWSF concludes Computer and English Training Program

In one of the most successful training programs in Shindand District, SWSF conducted a computer and English training funded by the US Consulate in Herat. 100 girls and 100 boys were trained in computer and taught English for six months.

This project was done based on the demand made by the youth of the area, for the need to gain access to technology and be able to communicate with the outside world.

Strengthening Girl's Focus on Math and Sciences

In an effort to improve the skill sets for young women in the field of math and science SWSF has conducted special classes for young women in school. Its a program that is being well recieved and provides practical knowledge to the girls to utilize in their school and ultimately in their daily life. There were more than 100 girls that have benefited from this program.

Tailoring Project at Khairabad Village, Shindand District

In partnership with Marshall Plan Charties, a US-based NGO, SWSF held tailoring classes in vocational center in the southern village of Khairabad. More than twenty women were able to benefit from these classes. These classes train women in new skills, operating a sewing machine and allow them to interact with other women, which helps them to support each other in the long run.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Computer Classes at the SWSF

For the first time in Shindand District, computer literacy program have started, focused on women. It has been recieved well and with alot of enthusiasm. The program is held at SWSF building and taught by Eng. Haidari, the director of SWSF and sponsored by another Shindandi NGO called Samandar Development Program (SDP). The program is funded by the international donors. There are currently 100 students taking this 6 months long class which will also include English classes.

SWSF installs Solar Panel

Due to the lack of electricity in Shindand Town. SWSF decided to install solar panels which has enabled us to run our laptop/desktop computers, printers and have a fan. Its a great technology which is perfect for an environment where people depend on generators. Generators can be costly due to the pice of gas, which is over $1/liter (about $4/gallon). Shindand has the most sunny days in Afghanistan and solar looks like the smart way to go.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Shindand Women Social Foundation (SWSF) Building

Women Literacy classes at the SWSF Center

Recently SWSF was able to build a center in the town of Shindand. It has office space and classroom. This has enabled us to move some of the literacy classes to the center itself, though the majority are still conducted in various villages in Shindand. About 200 of the women have started to come to the center attend the classes. We are looking for funding for the furniture for the offices and the classroom. Furnishing our center is our priority as it will make the center a fully functional place for women to study and gather on a daily basis.